Who is he!? This Double D!?

Well, I'm Edd. I've persuaded myself that hot sauce is now my future and now my whole life now revolves around it. Turns out, It's not that bad!

I started this super small one man operation late 2017 with the idea of making actual tasty hot sauce. I was fed up of eating hot sauce that just tasted like paint stripper mixed with vinegar. As someone who has hot sauce on pretty much everything I eat (I'm one of those savages that ruins every meal with a copious amount of condiments) I wanted to eat a hot sauce that actually tasted...well...nice! Hot sauce that was balanced between tasty sweet deliciousness and fiery goodness that left you hot and sweaty but craving more. I wanted to use simple and fresh ingredients, locally sourced and I wanted the sauce to be made for everyone. I wanted to create a product that pushes the boundaries and doesn't follow the stereotypical norms of a hot sauce company.

It's all small batch, homemade made in Wales and vegan friendly. I make all my sauces with fresh fruit and fruit juice, pairing the fruit with the chillies to compliment each others flavours and to achieve that trademark sweet and spicy Double D's flavour.


Buy my stuff. It's actually alright! 


P.S All artwork is done my the masterful Russell Taysom. Check that dude out. He's phenomenal.